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Here's Harry

Posted on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 Categories: Our Dogs

I am special.  I know
this because I was the only puppy in my litter, and Mom One says I was made
just for her.  I am also the official
Giggybites store dog and my name is Harry Hello.  I know this because when I greet people
coming into the store, in my special way, they always say “Harry! Hello”.  You can see my face on Facebook nearly every
day, and I’m told that I get a lot of likes.  These are much better than dislikes.  
I am very smart because I remember things that I hear such
as, “Get in the bag”.  For this trick I
go into my bag and it gets zipped up for the trip to the store.  It’s not a hard trick but I’m pretty proud of
it.  It makes me special because none of
the other dogs in the house are EVER asked to get in the bag, not ever.  I do other impressive stuff but will wait
until later to explain.
Speaking of other dogs, I live with Gig, Sophie and
Kallie.  They are going to take turns
writing the blog, but my posts will be the most special.  Gig is old and a little cranky, but she’s
about my size so we hang out when I’m at home during the day.  Sophie is all looks, no brains.  She is all about having fun and sometimes
stomps on small dogs by accident, so I stay out of her way and often have to shout
at her.  Kallie is my friend.  She’s bigger than me but never pushes me
around.  Sometimes, when Sophie is
outside, Kallie and I play with a toy and we have a great time.  Kallie has two things that make her special,
too: long ears and a long tail.  When
we’re playing I always try to touch her ears and grab her tail.  They are so cool.  
I’m off today and I need to get back to sleep so I’m ready
when Mom Two comes home and feeds us.  I
always win the food race.  Gig says I win
because she’s not racing, but it’s really because I’m faster.  And special.
‘Til Later,

Harry, you are the best dog ever! You always welcome Bailey into the store but are never pushy with him! You always share your toys and the treats and never complain. We have not met your sisters but I bet they are pretty special too!
Posted by Doreen on Sunday, October 5, 2014, 7:36 PM
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