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Meet Gigabyte

Posted on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 Categories: Our Dogs

I am Gigabyte, but the moms call me Gig.  If they call me Gigabyte, it’s usually because I’m in trouble.  There are a lot of times that they call me Gigabyte when they should actually be calling Harry, though.  Sure, I have accidents in the house – I’m 14 and I’m a small dog.  I’ve heard that many small dogs have difficulty with house training, so it’s just part of the charm.  But when Harry has an accident, it’s no accident.  He just thinks he can do anything he wants.  Filthy beast.

As you probably know, Chihuahuas are of Mexican descent, and we love the sun.  The weather has been beautiful and I’ve had a lot of time laying on the deck.  My shiny black coat gets warmed up and helps make my old bones feel better.  I’ve been feeling very good for a while now, and Mom Two says I’m “aging gracefully.”  I try to be graceful whenever possible but it’s hard because everyone sneaks up on me.  I just don’t hear as well as I once did, and I’m a Chihuahua, so I’m easily startled and not easily calmed.  A loud sneeze from one of the moms can ruin my whole day.  A thunder storm can get me shaking so hard my eyeballs rattle.

Occasionally, I spend a day with One at the store.  It always sounds like a good idea, but Harry can drive an old lady crazy, with his ridiculous display whenever someone comes

in.  The customers seem to like it,
though, so I just ignore him.  Harry is
always trying to compete with me, but I never play along.  He always wins the “race” to finish our food,
but I’m not racing; I don’t have a lot of teeth left, and I enjoy eating
The other two dogs in the house are Sophie and Kallie.  Kallie is smart and respects that I’m in
charge.  Sophie isn’t the brightest bulb
on the tree, and she challenges me occasionally. I always set her straight,
though.  Sophie thinks she’s going to be
in charge when I’m gone.  If that
happens, the whole house is in trouble.
Back to sleep,

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